Ceilume's Ceilings Magnifique ceiling and wall panels are hand made and individually inspected. They are the most beautiful available today in any medium. They are of the highest quality and will make any interior more beautiful than you can imagine. 

These very versatile tiles have been used in homes, restaurants, banks, bars, stores, and boutiques. Used in commercial and residential construction, both new and old. The new polymer material used provides a consistency of texture, pattern, and color that you can depend on year after year.

Ceilume's Ceilings Magnifique tiles are easy to clean with mild household cleaners and a plain water rinse. You may nail or staple them and they will not split or crack, as they might if they were formed using reconstituted materials. The semi gloss texture creates an artificial pore system thus providing an excellent adherence of paint and adhesives.

Our panels are manufactured using materials that can withstand considerable handling and abuse without damage. This material will not deteriorate, rust or corrode. It is lightweight and easy to install. You can nail, staple or glue our products in place. You can use a suspended grid system that, when decorated with our exclusive joint strip, becomes invisible and indistinguishable from the custom built ceiling. You can paint the panels any color or leave them in their natural beautiful white semi-gloss finish. They can be installed by professionals or by the homeowner. They will last a lifetime and be a source of constant comment from all who see them. 

The tin ceilings of yesterday were our American attempt to duplicate the beautiful plaster ceilings of Europe. Today we offer this most beautiful of all ceilings in a modern material, high impact polymer plastic, in which the texture closely resembles the appearance of the plaster ceiling. Molded polymer is the ceiling material of the Twentieth Century (and Twenty-first).
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